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Reach Divine
Reach Divine

Reach Divine – ‘Supraconscious Gnosis Spontaneous Mystical Opus Volume 2’

‘Supraconscious Gnosis Spontaneous Mystical Opus Volume 2’ is the magnificent latest release from Madison-based artist, Reach Divine. It is a chillwave album that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

‘I Am Free Within Me’ instantly draws the listener in. It is an addictive song with layered instrumentation that evolves before its audience. As the vocals enter, the track is in full flow and has the listener captivated.

‘Come Out My Firefly’ is an atmospheric track with relatable lyrics. Reach Divine can connect to his audience and convey feelings and emotion effortlessly.

‘It’s Glorious Outside’ is a great track too; it has an industrial feel complete with memorable melodies. Finally, ‘Grieve And Let Go Of The Known’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more!


Reach Divine says about the release, “I wrote and recorded the majority of SGSMO Volume 2 in the spring of 2016. I recorded it in the closet of my childhood bedroom when I was in the midst of ego death and coming to terms with the reality of my spiritual transformation.”


‘Supraconscious Gnosis Spontaneous Mystical Opus Volume 2’ has been written, recorded, and produced by Reach Divine. He has created an inviting piece of art that will stand the test of time.

Reach Divine is a talented artist who is making innovative music that pushes boundaries and challenges the audience.

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Artist On The Rise

We are so thrilled to have discovered Reach Divine; he is an exceptional talent who is on the rise. We believe this is only the beginning for this formidable artist, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next.

‘Supraconscious Gnosis Spontaneous Mystical Opus Volume 2’ is available from the link below; enjoy!

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