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RJ Bacon - Russell Bacon
RJ Bacon – Russell Bacon

RJ Bacon – ‘Shine A Light’

The magnificent artist RJ Bacon has released the spellbinding album ‘Shine A Light’. It is a jazz album that will have you reaching for the repeat button this summer!

‘The Positive Song’ opens the release to an inviting groove where stoic backing instrumentations lay the stable foundations for various instruments to take the lead. We adore the sparse vocals that add texture as they weave in and out of the piece.

‘Double Exit’ is a standout song with melodic guitars, alluring percussion and memorable melodies. The title track, ‘Shine A Light, ‘ features a stunning vocal performance, relatable lyrics with a bluesy tone and textured percussion. Finally, ‘Chubb’s Lament’ closes the release with a jazz-blues fusion feature. Bliss.

RJ Bacon promises to ‘take you to a club with low lights and good friends…’ with this latest release, and he does just that. It is an album for the senses, so close your eyes and turn the volume up high.

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‘Shine A Light’ has been expertly written, performed, and produced at RJ Bacon’s studio in Sydney, Australia. There is an inviting warmth in the production that we adore, and it takes the album to the next level.


This multitalented artist is also an established cinematographer; he has worked on classic dramas such as Brides of Christ, Police Rescue, Sea Patrol, and Packed to the Rafters.

Previous Albums

Previously, RJ Bacon has released the albums ‘Roslyn Street’, ‘Low Ambition Day’, ‘Cool Pool’, ’33 Frames’ and ‘Beyond the Perpendicular’. We have been fortunate to write about RJ Bacon before, and his work goes from strength to strength. A love and passion for music are injected into Rj Bacon’s albums, and ‘Shine A Light’ is a prime example of this.

‘Shine A Light’ is available to stream from the link below today; enjoy!

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