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Sabertooth Swing
Sabertooth Swing

Sabertooth Swing – ‘Delta Bound’

‘Delta Bound’ is the superb latest album from New Orleans-based band Sabertooth Swing. It is a 19-track release that is addictive and needs to be heard this Spring 2022.

Holly Devon opens the release with a spoken-word introduction. She sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. The title track ‘Delta Bound’, sets the album alight. Filled with harmonious horns and charismatic vocals, it is a captivating and addictive song.

‘Sweet Lorna’ is a standout song. It instantly invites the audience in and holds their attention effortlessly from the get-go. The layered instrumentation has been composed and arranged superbly, and a harmonious balance is achieved.

‘St. Malo’ harks back to a time gone by; it has an atmospheric vibe and alluring vocals. In addition, ‘Free Day’ is a profoundly affecting spoken-word piece that backing instrumentation evolves through.

‘Delta Bound’ is an album that takes the listener on a journey. So turn the volume up and settle down; Sabertooth Swing needs to be heard.

Holly Devon

Writer Holly Devon says about the release, “What’s so important about this album is that it’s showing the continuity of the story of New Orleans. There are all these different time periods that are filtering through, but the place is the constant that binds it all together.” She continues, “It’s the making of the reality that we’re all living through in New Orleans right now. And there’s been no break.”

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In addition, ‘Delta Bound’ has been excellently produced by band members Romain Beauxis and Chris Butcher. The team has created a body of work steeped in history and memories set to poetical lyrics and excellent musicianship.

Sabertooth Swing

We are thrilled to have heard this impressive body of work. It is unparalleled to anything we have come across, and we can not recommend Sabertooth Swing highly enough. They are a driving force filled with passion and talent, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next.

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