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Seven Layer Piano Cakes
Seven Layer Piano Cakes

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Seven Layer Piano Cakes – ‘Remy’

‘Remy’ is the superb latest new wave single from the exciting artist Seven Layer Piano Cakes.

The release swims gently into the sonic sphere. As Seven Layer Piano Cakes vocals enter, the listener is instantly drawn into the personal lyrics about the singer’s son, Remy.

We adore the rise and fall in the piece; the instrumentation builds along with luscious melodies and addictive harmonies.

As the chorus hits, the driving nature of the single is in full flow. ‘Remy’ has been intelligently composed, and we love the layered vocals that add a luscious texture to this brilliant single.


Seven Layer Piano Cakes says about the release, “‘Remy’ is a genre-fluid, melancholic but still optimistic dream pop/rock song about my young son and the pain I feel when I am not able to be with him.” Deeply relatable, ‘Remy’ will resonate with many listeners across the globe.

Seven Layer Piano Cakes (AKA Justin Hoyt) is an indie singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles. ‘Remy’ has been inspired by artists such as Beach House, the Strokes, and The Beach Boys, but make no mistake, Hoyt is making music all of his own.

Ian Stahl

‘Remy’ has been superbly co-produced by Ian Stahl (Cilience). Together, Hoyt and Stahl have crafted a single that is destined to stand the test of time.

‘Remy’ follows on from Hoyt’s previous releases ‘Middlegame’ and ‘Patriarch’ (Animal Farm remix). After hearing ‘Remy’, we can not wait to check out the previous releases too!

Timeless Classic

One thing is for sure; Seven Layer Piano Cakes is an artist here to stay. ‘Remy’ is a modern, timeless classic, and we can not wait to hear what Seven Layer Piano Cakes will do next.

Until then, check out ‘Remy’ from the link below; you will not be disappointed!

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