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Shaven Primates - 'Child Of Dirt' - Chris Brown
Shaven Primates – ‘Child Of Dirt’ – Chris Brown

Shaven Primates – ‘Child Of Dirt’

‘Child Of Dirt’ is the emotional seven-track album release from Oxford-based band Shaven Primates. It is an album filled with brilliant tracks that need to be in your new music playlist this week.

The title track opens the release to the sound of children playing. Then, brooding music swims into the sonic spectrum, taking an unexpected darker twist. As the band enters, the audience is captivated. We found ourselves drawn to the intricate lyrics and layered instrumentation.

‘The Zoo’ is a standout song. The layered vocals, male and female, offer a wonderful juxtaposition. As the chorus kicks in, the heavier instrumentation hits the listener hard. There is an ebb and flow in the instrumentation, which pulls in and out, weaving addictive texture into the piece.

‘Outside’ features memorable melodies and addictive hooks. We love the vocals, which remind us of Tom Waits. In addition, ‘Answers’ closes the release. It takes the listener on an 18minute journey, and it still leaves the listener wanting more!

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Shaven Primates say about the release, “We are a 5-piece dark-wave, art-rock, post-punk band that seeks to push the boundaries of the genre.” They continue, “Our music is a narrative of human emotion and experience: fear, love and anger resonate through the orchestration, giving our audience a deeply cathartic release.”

Mark Elphinstone

Mark Elphinstone is the centre pin of the band, returning after a 17-year hiatus from music. The songs on ‘Child Of Dirt’ are personal and moving. Elphinstone can convey emotion through his music, and lyrically he is relateable and complex in equal measures.


Elphinstone is joined by a further four superb musicians on ‘Child Of Dirt’, and together, they have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time.

So, make sure you add ‘Child Of Dirt’ to your playlist this week. We very much look forward to hearing what Shaven Primates will do next!

Until then, ‘Child Of Dirt’ is available to stream from the link below!

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