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Sofia Dragt - Melissa Scharroo
Sofia Dragt – Melissa Scharroo

Sofia Dragt – ‘Temporary Gold’

‘Temporary Gold’ is the excellent latest single from Utrecht-based artist Sofia Dragt. It is an indie-folk release underpinned with cinematic vibes.

An earthy opening greets the listener before Dragt’s charismatic vocals take the listener’s attention. A gorgeous piano lays the solid foundations for the song to grow from, and we adore the deeply captivating lyrics.

As the chorus kicks in, the main hook is memorable, and it feels like an old friend returning each time it comes back around. We love Sofia Dragt’s vocal performance. She has a rich tone in her voice that is addictive and hold’s the listener’s attention effortlessly.

Sofia Dragt is a troubadour at the top of her game, and we can not wait to hear what she will do next!


Dragt says about the release, “I was so happy to be Artist in Residence for a whole month in the beautiful town of Ísafjörður, Iceland. It wasn’t hard to get inspired while being in that gorgeous fjord town between mountains.”

She continues, “For me being in nature like that, with stones, water and snow is Temporary Gold. It’s all transient and moving and I got so much energy from both nature as well as the people I met.”

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Dragt cites her influences as coming from artists such as Olafur Arnalds, Bon Iver, and Coldplay. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Temporary Gold’ but make no mistake, Sofia Dragt is making music all of her own!

Coenraad Dingemans

Sofia Dragt is a multitalented artist. She composed and performed ‘Temporary Gold’, but she was also responsible for the superb mix and production. Finally, this magnificent single was mastered by Coenraad Dingemans, and together they have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time.

So make sure that you add ‘Temporary Gold’ to your new music playlist this week. Sofia Dragt is an exciting and driven artist who is making waves this Spring.

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