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Erika Mugglin – Spaceface

Memphis-based band Spaceface has released the spellbinding album ‘Anemoia’, in January 2021. It is an indie-rock release that is one of our favourite releases of the year so far.

‘Happens All the Time’ instantly grabs the listener’s attention. Fuelled with jangly guitars, layered vocals and an infectious beat, it is a song that is intriguing and intoxicating in equal measures.

We enjoyed ‘Ludus Love’ for its layered and varied instrumentation and pulsating beats. A disco element breaks through and demands the audience’s attention. The melodies are layered, and a harmonious balance has been achieved.

‘Panoramic View’ is a track that evolves before the listener. The layered vocals have been mixed to either side of the sonic spectrum, and it is a spellbinding track. It’s a tough choice, but it is our favourite track on the album.

‘Millions & Memes’ is another standout song that reaches out and touches the listener. ‘Anemoia’ has the rare capability where all tracks could be released as singles in their own right; however, they still come together to work as one coherent piece of art.


Spaceface say about the release, “‘Anemoia’ is a danceable psych-pop contemplation on the evolution of the cult of nostalgia, from first, a diagnosed condition, then to a romantic feeling and now constant re-packaging of times or places you’ve never been, sold as happiness and one-stop political ideology.”

Guitars at zZounds

Jake Ingalls

Spaceface is led by Jake Ingalls (former guitar & synth player of The Flaming Lips 2010-2021). Together, the band makes innovative and exciting music with compelling beats and intoxicating melodies.

We adore the band’s energy and vibe, which sets them apart from the crowd. They are driven artists who are reinventing the indie-rock genre for 2022 in their own unique style.

New Music Playlist

So make sure you add ‘Anemoia’ to your new music playlist this weekend. They are a band with a bright future ahead of them, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next. A UK tour, maybe? Please?

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