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Spirits Republic

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Spirits Republic – ‘On and Bound’

Nashville-based band, Spirits Republic, have released their superb latest single ‘On and Bound’ in September 2020. It is an indie-rock release that has a big heart.

A superbly played bass guitar opens the single. It is soon joined by driving electric guitars and wonderful stoic drums. As the vocals drop, the single is in full flow. The catchy chorus is memorable, and the funky vibe continues. Also, the intriguing chordal progression is unpredictable: this is a massive part of ‘On and Bound’s charm. The audience is taken on a journey not knowing what will come next.  

One thing is clear; Spirits Republic are all excellent musicians. When they come together, magic happens. They weave in and out of each other creating texture and colour within the piece. This makes for a compelling and engaging single.


Spirits Republic say about the release, “‘On & Bound’ sounds like the kind of song you would hear in an action movie. Just when you think you have gotten used to the sleek and alluring groove, here comes the explosion.”

There is also a fun and engaging video which accompanies the release. It is a great visual accompaniment to this single, and we thoroughly recommend checking it out. The bands’ drummer appears as the bride; we’ll say no more, enjoy!

In addition Spirits Republic will be expanding their ‘Horrible TV’ YouTube channel in Autumn 2020. It is designed to release projects with the intention to enlighten and entertain. Very intriguing and worth a look!

We are so excited to have heard ‘On and Bound’ and it is a recommended addition to your weekend playlist. Spirits Republic are a band on the up, and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next!

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