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Stephanie Phillips
Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie Phillips – ‘What Have I Lost?’

‘What Have I Lost?’ is the mesmerising album release from West Chester-based artist Stephanie Phillips. It is a superb release that takes the listener on an emotional journey.

‘I Asked The Universe’ opens the release to two gorgeously picked acoustic guitars mixed to either side of the sonic spectrum. They lay the solid foundation for Phillips’s soulful vocals to breakthrough. Phillips’s lyrics are instantly compelling, and the track reminds us of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’.

‘Soft Place To Fall’ is a standout track. It features a stunning vocal performance, with layered vocals and memorable melodies. We also adore ‘Final Kiss Goodbye’; it is a moving and emotional song that stayed with us long after the music has ended.

‘In The Cross Fire’ is a moving track that resonates with the audience. In addition, we adore ‘Another Full Moon’ for its wonderful guitar arrangements and stunning vocals.

Phillips is a troubadour, and this album stands shoulder to shoulder with the greats.

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Phillips says about her music, “I am an acoustic singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing since age 10. I have played in famous clubs all over New York City, such as ‘The Bitter End’, ‘Don’t Tell Mama’, and ‘The Speakeasy’”.

Emmylou Harris

She continues, “In my 20’s, I opened for Emmylou Harris, but in my 50’s, I’m restarting a music career with my latest album, ‘What Have I Lost?’ It’s an exciting time to be an indie musician.”

We have been blown away by Stephanie Phillips’s songwriting and performance. She is a musician who is on the top of her game, and as she enters a new chapter with this new album, we are thrilled to be following the ride!

So make sure you follow Phillips’s socials below to hear about what she will be doing next. If we can put in a request, a tour… to the UK, Please?

You can stream ‘What Have I Lost?’ from the link below today!

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