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Sun Lite – ‘Unicorns & Dragons’

Belgium-based artist Sun Lite has released the excellent alt-folk album ‘Unicorns & Dragons’. It is a brilliant release that you need to know about this January. 

‘The Night Hag’ opens the release to an atmospheric and engaging beginning. Then, as the guitar breaks through, the scene is set beautifully as to what is to come. 

In addition, ‘Trolls’ is a stand-out song. We adore the opening with two guitars that dance around each other. Then, the audience is thoroughly hooked as the stoic beat, and charismatic vocals enter. 

Moreover, ‘Grimble Grumble’ takes the release in a fresh direction with an intelligent arrangement and stunning instrumentation. 

Also, the title track ‘Unicorns & Dragons’ is a charming song with intriguing lyrics and excellent musicianship. Finally, ‘Not The End’ closes the release and will have you reaching for the repeat button.  


Sun Lite says about the release, “I hope I can surprise with this album, which is rather different. This one is semi-electronic, semi-acoustic, a bit folky, ambient, psychedelic, flower power, and a bit self-reflecting too.” He continues, “About life and death, there are two instrumentals, and the element of self-relativisation and humour is never far away.”

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20th January

Currently, ‘Unicorns & Dragons’ is only available to hear on Bandcamp, but 20th January sees the album being released on Spotify and Apple Music. You can pre-save the album here.

Album Release

One thing is for sure, Sun Lite is an artist who is making exciting and dynamic music that needs to be heard. In addition, ‘Unicorns & Dragons’ is one of the reasons we know that the full album release will never die. The songs come together to form a complete body of work. 

We are thrilled to have heard ‘Unicorns & Dragons’; it is a must-hear album that benefits from being listened to in one sitting. So turn the lights down and the volume up!

Make sure you add ‘Unicorns & Dragons’ to your new music playlist this week. We eagerly anticipate what Sun Lite will do next!

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