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Olivia Bell – ‘Freddie Prinze Jr’ Single Release

*Read Disclosure Here Olivia Bell – ‘Freddie Prinze Jr’ Hailing from Akron, musician Olivia Bell has released the brilliant alternative-rock track ‘Freddie Prinze Jr’ in April 2021. It is a great release that needs to be heard this spring.  Big jangly guitars open the release and instantly draw the listener in. Bell’s distinctive vocals take […]

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Marc Schuster – ‘Before The Boys’ Single Released

*Read Disclosure Here Marc Schuster – ‘Before The Boys’ Hailing from Havertown, musician Marc Schuster has released the excellent single ‘Before The Boys’ in April 2021. It is a singer-songwriter release that needs to be heard this Spring! A bright and welcoming opening greets the listener. We adore the bouncy piano and vocals, which instantly […]

Aydren – ‘After The Fall’ (feat. Mikara) Single Release

*Read Disclosure Here Aydren – ‘After The Fall’ (feat. Mikara) Seattle-based musician Aydren has released the stunning single ‘After The Fall’, in April 2021. It is a brilliant electronic-pop release that features the talented California-based vocalist Mikara too.  An atmospheric opening greets the listener before luscious keys and Mikara’s intoxicating vocals breakthrough. We love the stripped […]

Ashland – ‘In Your Head’ Video Release

*Read Disclosure Here Ashland – ‘In Your Head’ Illinois-based band Ashland have released the brilliant alternative-rock single ‘In Your Head’ this April 2021. They are a duo who are making waves with this superb release! An intoxicating beat greets the listener. As the vocals enter, ‘In Your Head’ is in full flow. It is instantly enticing and […]

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ReLoVe – ‘Disposable World’ Single Release

*Read Disclosure Here ReLoVe – ‘Disposable World’ Los Angeles-based band ReLoVe are back with their phenomenal latest single, ‘Disposable World’. It is an Americana release that hears the band driving their sound forward into 2021. An enticing opening greets the listener before the full band kick in. The fiddle sings out and instantly takes the […]

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Daniel Blake – ‘Jakarta’ EP Release

*Read Disclosure Here Daniel Blake – ‘Jakarta’ Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Blake has released the stunning EP ‘Jakarta’ in April 2021. It is a folk-pop release with a big heart.  ‘Heartbreaker’ opens this brilliant EP. It is addictive and driving from the get-go. The guitar and kick drum feel like the song’s heartbeat, and they […]

LAURA PIERI – ‘Grenades’ Single Out Now!

*Read Disclosure Here LAURA PIERI – ‘Grenades’ LAURA PIERI is a Brazilian-born artist who is making waves with her latest single, ‘Grenades’. It is a superb commercial-pop release that needs to be added to your new music playlist this week.  An enticing beat opens the single and paves the wave for LAURA PIERI’s stunning vocals […]

Love Ghost – ‘Shine Like Gold’ Single Out Now!

*Read Disclosure Here Love Ghost – ‘Shine Like Gold’ ‘Shine Like Gold’ is the superb latest single from Los Angeles-based grunge band, Love Ghost. It is a spell-binding release that firmly sets Love Ghost as a band to watch this 2021.  Characterful vocals open the release. There is instantly a charm and warmth which draws […]

The Old Youths – ‘Midnight Takeaways’ Debut Single

*Read Disclosure Here The Old Youths – ‘Midnight Takeaways’ Swindon-based band The Old Youths have released their superb debut single ‘Midnight Takeaways’, in March 2021. It is a timeless indie-rock single that sets the duo apart from the crowd.  A bright and punchy opening greets the listener. We adore the layered guitars, which fill the […]

Music Interview: ORISHA SOUND – ‘BRING THE FIRE’ Out Now!

*Read Disclosure Here We were lucky enough to catch up with Los Angeles based duo ORISHA SOUND following the superb release of ‘BRING THE FIRE’. Enjoy the full interview now! Who or what got you both into music? ORISHA SOUND is a duet. The group consists of two electrifying artists – Orisha (American multi-instrumentalist and […]