Dejhare – ‘D7’ Seven Track Album Released!

*Read Disclosure Here Dejhare – ‘D7′ Dejhare has released her superb album ‘D7’, in August 2020. It is a stunning release that features seven dance deluxe tracks. ‘D7’ is an album that needs to be heard this autumn 2020! ‘Be Mine’ opens the release with warm and luscious synths. They pave the way for this […]

Lucas AB – ‘Only Over’ Single Out Now!

*Read Disclosure Here Lucas AB – ‘Only Over’ ‘Only Over’ is the latest electronic indie-pop single by New York-based artist, Lucas AB. It is a catchy song that is making waves this autumn. ‘Only Over’ swims into the sonic spectrum. Luscious synths and Lucas AB’s compelling vocals instantly captivate the listener. There is a beautiful […]

Basement Strippers – ‘Throw Me An Anchor’ Single Release

*Read Disclosure Here Basement Strippers – ‘Throw Me An Anchor’ Basement Strippers are a brilliant four-piece rock band hailing from Bedford. Their latest single ‘Throw Me An Anchor’ is an indie-rock classic in the making.  A gorgeous electric guitar opens the piece. We love the emotive vocals which enter and take the lead. The stripped-back […]

Mr. Kushtastic – ‘Kushafornia Lifestyle’ Out Now!

*Read Disclosure Here Artist Mr. Kushtastic has released the superb album ‘Kushafornia Lifestyle’ in April 2020. It is a relaxing listen that will have you reaching for the repeat button. This 16 track release opens with the title track, ‘Kushafornia Lifestyle’. Layered synths create a compelling vibe from the get-go. The rhythmic synths dart in […]

Dan Disgrace – ‘Nightmare Music’

*Read Disclosure Here Liverpool based musician Dan Disgrace has released his superb latest EP, ‘Nightmare Music’. Released officially on 2nd June 2020, this 7 track EP is destined to win Dan Disgrace an army of new fans. ‘Pilot’ swims into the sonic spectrum with luscious keys and a gorgeously strummed guitar. It sets the scene […]

Say Kids – ‘Hootie Hoo’

*Read Disclosure Here Hailing from Nashville, Say Kids are an indie-rock band whose latest single is a cracker. ‘Hootie Hoo’ was released in May 2020, and its enticing vibe is destined to win the hearts of its listeners.  A full and dynamic band sound greets the listener. There is a funk feel in the instrumentation, […]

Rachel Gleddie – ‘Catacomb’

*Read Disclosure Here Americana artist Rachel Gleddie has released her superb single ‘Catacomb’ in May 2020. It is indie-folk at its finest, and Gleddie is making waves following its release. A beautifully picked acoustic guitar opens the single. Gleddie’s soulful vocals swiftly join it. They are filled with warmth and luscious tone. A kick drum […]

Jamison Wake – ‘Racing Heart’

*Read Disclosure Here Jamison Wake is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Brooklyn, NY. His magnificent latest single, ‘Racing Heart’ was released officially on 29th May 2020.  A beautiful acoustic guitar opens the release, accompanied by atmospheric synths. Jamison Wake’s smooth and enticing vocals guide the single along effortlessly. We loved the distorted electric guitar […]

‘Hot Picks’ – Our Hottest Finds! 29/05/20

It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are put them all in one place for your listing pleasure! *Read Disclosure Here Artist: AMEY ST. CYR Release: ‘WILD WORLD’ Release Date: OUT NOW! Twitter: @StAmelia […]

Lydia Briggs – ‘Not My Mistake’

*Read Disclosure Here It is always exciting to hear one of our favourite artists has released a new track. Lydia Briggs is one of those artists. ‘Not My Mistake’ is an Indie-Rock song with a fierce heart. An emotive vocal performance opens the release, accompanied by a stoic piano. Subtle percussion enters, and the listener […]