Basement Strippers – ‘Throw Me An Anchor’ Single Release

*Read Disclosure Here Basement Strippers – ‘Throw Me An Anchor’ Basement Strippers are a brilliant four-piece rock band hailing from Bedford. Their latest single ‘Throw Me An Anchor’ is an indie-rock classic in the making.  A gorgeous electric guitar opens the piece. We love the emotive vocals which enter and take the lead. The stripped-back […]

Pennan Brae – ‘Wiggle’ Single Out Now!

*Read Disclosure Here Pennan Brae – ‘Wiggle’ One of our favourite artists is back! Vancouver-based musician Pennan Brae has released the excellent single ‘Wiggle’, in September 2020.  A full and captivating band sound opens the release. Pennan Brae’s smooth vocals are apparent from the get-go. The chorus is thoroughly engaging and drives the single along. […]

Kaiser and the Machines of Creation – ‘Who Decides’

*Read Disclosure Here Kaiser and the Machines of Creation – ‘Who Decides’ Hailing from Adelaide, Kaiser and the Machines of Creation is a classic-rock band whose latest release ‘Who Decides’, is a hard-hitting single that needs to be heard.  A melodic and enticing opening greets the listener. There is a compelling vibe that is thoroughly […]

‘Hot Picks’ – Our Hottest Finds! 31/07/20

*Read Disclosure Here It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are put them all in one place for your listing pleasure! Artist: ANGELSIGHTINGS Release: ‘Captivity’ Release Date: OUT NOW! Artist: Sugarmoon Release: ‘The Only One’ […]

Lohrd Snohw – ‘If I can’t drive, will they still let me in?’

*Read Disclosure Here Lohrd Snohw is a 21-year-old vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Nottinghamshire. Her latest EP release ‘If I can’t drive, will they still let me in?’ is officially released today 3rd June 2020. ‘Aspirational Economy’ opens the release with a layered and textured structure. Lohrd Snohw’s vocals are enticing and captivate the listener […]

Alix Robson – ‘You and I’ (feat Anita Traci)

*Read Disclosure Here Musicians Alix Robson and Anita Traci have co-written and released their superb latest single ‘You and I’. It is a synth-pop release that is destined to win the hearts of its listeners.  A mysterious opening greets the listener before the infectious beat kicks in. Joyous and driving, the instrumentation lay the foundation […]

Dan Disgrace – ‘Nightmare Music’

*Read Disclosure Here Liverpool based musician Dan Disgrace has released his superb latest EP, ‘Nightmare Music’. Released officially on 2nd June 2020, this 7 track EP is destined to win Dan Disgrace an army of new fans. ‘Pilot’ swims into the sonic spectrum with luscious keys and a gorgeously strummed guitar. It sets the scene […]

Say Kids – ‘Hootie Hoo’

*Read Disclosure Here Hailing from Nashville, Say Kids are an indie-rock band whose latest single is a cracker. ‘Hootie Hoo’ was released in May 2020, and its enticing vibe is destined to win the hearts of its listeners.  A full and dynamic band sound greets the listener. There is a funk feel in the instrumentation, […]

Rachel Gleddie – ‘Catacomb’

*Read Disclosure Here Americana artist Rachel Gleddie has released her superb single ‘Catacomb’ in May 2020. It is indie-folk at its finest, and Gleddie is making waves following its release. A beautifully picked acoustic guitar opens the single. Gleddie’s soulful vocals swiftly join it. They are filled with warmth and luscious tone. A kick drum […]

Jamison Wake – ‘Racing Heart’

*Read Disclosure Here Jamison Wake is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Brooklyn, NY. His magnificent latest single, ‘Racing Heart’ was released officially on 29th May 2020.  A beautiful acoustic guitar opens the release, accompanied by atmospheric synths. Jamison Wake’s smooth and enticing vocals guide the single along effortlessly. We loved the distorted electric guitar […]