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Tough On Fridays – ‘The Encore You Didn’t Ask For’

Hailing from Georgetown, Tough On Fridays has released the phenomenal album ‘The Encore You Didn’t Ask For’. Released on Archangel Records, it is an alt-country album that you need to know about this January.

‘Overboard!’ opens the release to a textured guitar and as the band kick in, the scene is set as to what is to come. We adore the soulful and emotive vocals that draw the listener in effortlessly.

In addition, ‘Sink or Swim’ is a standout song with a staccato nature, memorable melodies and an intelligent arrangement. Moreover, ‘Growing Pains’ takes the album in a fresh direction and speaks directly to the audience.

Also, ‘Daisy’ is a standout song featuring mesmerising lyrics, gorgeous melodies and affecting vocal performances. Finally, ‘Message in a Bottle (Sunday Serenade)’ closes the release and leaves the audience reaching for the repeat button.

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‘The Encore You Didn’t Ask For’ is the second album by this superb band, and after hearing it, we can not wait to check out the groups’s debut release, ‘A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time’. Make sure to follow the band’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news.

Band Members

Tough On Fridays is comprised of band members Caleigh (guitar/vocals), Carly (bass/vocals), and studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck. They are clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they play together.


We are thrilled to have discovered Tough On Fridays, and they are a band who are destined for big things. Previously, they have performed at venues and festivals such as Stubb’s, Chop Shop, House of Blues, SXSW (Official Artist) and Carolina Indie Fest.

One thing is for sure, ‘The Encore You Didn’t Ask For’ needs to be on your new music playlist this week! We can not wait to hear what Tough On Fridays will do next!

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