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The Foolks
The Foolks

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The Foolks – ‘We’ll All Get Nothing To See’ 

The Foolks are an indie-rock band whose latest single ‘We’ll All Get Nothing To See’, is a catchy and memorable song. 

A bright and dynamic opening greets the listener. It is instantly welcoming and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. The characterful vocals enter, and the single is in full flow. 

We love the driving riffs which create texture and colour within the piece. The awesome bridge is enticing, and the chorus feels like an old friend returning when it comes around. Also, the guitar solo is melodic and filled with energy. ‘We’ll All Get Nothing To See’ is a song which will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

The Foolks are comprised of lead vocalist Jamie Wiltshire (Cambridge, UK), guitarist Emmanuel Dron (Singapore), drummer Andrew Picha (Nashville, US) and bassist Charles Berthoud (Massachusetts, US). They are geographically spread around the globe, but that does not stop the band from making great music. 


The band say the single, “Was written about human’s dream to explore space, escaping Earth as the beauties of our planet are destroyed.” An interesting and layered theme that is beautifully traversed during ‘We’ll All Get Nothing To See’.

The Foolks say that they wouldn’t have existed without Covid-19. It brought them together to create superb music. Their name is based on a combination of the words ‘folks’ (people) and ‘fool’ (crazy). They are all excellent musicians in their own right, but when they come together, magic happens. 

‘We’ll All Get Nothing To See’ is the follow up to the bands debut single, ‘The Most Beautiful Queen’. They are an exciting and dynamic band with an interesting story. We very much look forward to hearing what will come next. So make sure you add ‘We’ll All Get Nothing To See’ to your weekend playlist.

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