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Long-Shot-Cover‘The Long Shot’ is the magnificent new solo record from the American music artist Rob Kayes. Based in Coconut Grove, FL, Kayes has released an album which is a rich tapestry of genres and it has talented musicians in abundance.

The album opens with the track, ‘Never Giving Up On You’. It is country in nature, in a minor key but somehow still remains to have a jolly feel to it. This is extremely clever writing to achieve this. Kayes vocals shine throughout accompanied in the beginning with an acoustic guitar and a palm muted guitar mixed to one side. The chorus is catchy and the addition of the slide guitar supports the country feel. Percussion on the chorus drives the song along and we loved the texture of the instrumentation cutting back on the verse and kicking in on the chorus. It is an honest song of hope, loyalty and devotion. This song beautifully introduce the listener to what is to come on the rest of the album.

We adored the track, ‘Hurts So Bad’, it was our stand out song. The chords change from major to minor sevenths, it reminds us of Steely Dan in nature and is pop jazz at its finest. There are gorgeous female backing vocals to be heard and a wonderful guitar solo mixed to one side on the second verse. The solo never intrudes on the vocals but it does enhance and compliment them. It is a duet of a love song and the surprising female vocals on the third verse makes the song shine brighter. 

We also loved the closing song, ‘Hold onto Me’. It is an upbeat closing track which leaves the listener wanting more! The drums are integral to this song. The chorus mentions a train and the snare has been mixed in such a way that it gives the song of an old steam train. It is these subtle touches which give ‘The Long Shot’ it’s unique character.  

Overall, ’The Long Shot’ is extremely well written, both musically and lyrically. While listening, it evoked many memories, thoughts and feelings which were relatable for us. We are sure this would also be the case for many listeners. At face level, it has catchy melodies and is music to be enjoyed but it also works on many deeper levels. The musicianship from all of the musician is extremely high and this has elevated its charm further. 

We can’t believe we have only just discovered this wonderful artist. We will certainly be checking out his back catalogue and we would recommend you do the same!

Reviewed by FVReviews August 2018




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