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Trevena – ‘Digital Dust’

Derby-based artist Trevena has released the stunning EP ‘Digital Dust’. It is a brilliant rock EP that is filled with a lot of heart.

‘Blind Leading The Blind’ opens the release and it is filled with outstanding vocal performances, a punchy rhythm section and textured guitars. We adore the welcoming vibe that draws the audience in.

In addition, ‘Roll The Bones’ is a song that evolves before the listener. The energetic vibe fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. Also, the chorus is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music has ended.

Finally, ‘Looks Like Rain’ closes the release, taking the EP in a fresh direction. As the chorus hits, the heartfelt lyrics reach out and touch the audience. ‘Digital Dust’ is a must-hear release this summer!


Trevena says about this brilliant release, “My interest was always in music written for and played on guitars, mostly rock but also melodic acoustic music.”

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He continues, “There seems to be so little guitar-orientated music in the mainstream compared to when I first played. I’d put on a Led Zeppelin album – and there would be a blend of heavy guitars followed by an acoustic, and it just worked.”


Trevena (AKA) Will Prince is a talented and driving artist we are thrilled to have discovered. He is a musician who is skilful and loves what he does; you can feel his passion coming through the music.

Forthcoming album

We are so excited to see that ‘Digital Dust’ is the precursor to the debut Trevena album, which is set for release this Autumn. After hearing this phenomenal EP, we can not wait for the full album to drop.

Until then, ‘Digital Dust’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy today!

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