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ZEN2MUZ – ‘Pride’

‘Pride’ is the excellent latest single from US-based songwriter ZEN2MUZ. This alternative rock release will have you hooked from the first few bars.

A superbly played solo electric guitar opens the release. Filled with distortion, the opening perfectly sets the scene as to what is to come. Gradually the full band sound drops, which leaves the way for ZEN2MUZ’s enthralling vocals to enter.

The chorus is catchy and stays with the listener once the track has ended. Lyrically, the single is relatable, which is a big part of the song’s charm. ZEN2MUZ knows how to connect with his audience and convey thoughts skillfully.

In addition, the middle eight takes the single in a new direction. The layered vocals offer fresh texture before the familiar chorus drops. ‘Pride’ has been thoughtfully composed and produced too.

We love the production of this superb single. The mix fills the sonic spectrum, with each of the intricate instrumentation having space to shine. The phat sounding drums add texture to the piece, and ZEN2MUZ’s vocals are the guiding light. 

ZEN2MUZ Comments

ZEN2MUZ says about the single release, “It’s strictly about ego and the effects of pride on human interaction. I’ve seen a lot of people burn bridges because they couldn’t possibly be wrong in an argument.” 


ZEN2MUZ cites his influences as coming from artists such as Shinedown, Fuel, Crossfade, and Breaking Benjamin. We can hear these influences coming through on the release but make no mistake, ZEN2MUZ is an artist who is making waves of his own design. 

We are thrilled to have discovered ZEN2MUZ and thoroughly recommend checking ‘Pride’ out. We very much look forward to hearing what this exciting artist will do next!

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