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#6 Music Marketing Strategies for 2023

Get ahead of the game and discover the #6 marketing strategies that I wholeheartedly believe will most help you to succeed as a music creator in 2023.

I want to help you to prepare your marketing strategies for next year and get ahead of the competition because failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Planning your music marketing, implementing strategies and following a proven plan will ensure that your music gets heard by new fans, creates revenue and builds you a sustainable career.

So get a cuppa (yes, I’m British – that’s what we do), sit back and let’s dive in.

#1 Release music regularly

Releasing music regularly helps to build momentum.

Every 8-10 weeks is the perfect amount of time in between releases to keep that music ball rolling.

For example, If you have an album due for release in June, then you could drop three teaser singles beforehand in January, March and May. It helps to keep that buzz going.

Releasing new music regularly will help your performance impact on Spotify, trigger the Spotify algorithm and engage your fans too.

#2 Build that mailing list

I am a massive fan of organically building your mailing list. I wrote a whole blog about it here.

You can do it for free, and the rewards can be phenomenal.

A lot of artists simply don’t appreciate the value of having a direct line of contact with a fan. Instead, they are reliant on social media for that.

There is no doubt that social media is an incredible tool in your DIY arsenal, but what if your platforms get shut down tomorrow?

You have lost all of those hard-earned followers and are back to zero fans.

But your mailing list is a business asset that can not be taken away.

The people on your mailing list deserve to be looked after and cared for by sending them your best free content, such as pre-recorded live performances, new release news and new merch.

So in 2023, make caring for your mailing list your top priority.

It is a free marketing strategy that will pay off. Remember, with fans; you get out what you put in, so treat them well.

Having said all of that…

#3 Keep up your organic social media presence

Your mailing list should be your #1 priority, but that doesn’t mean you need to ignore your social media profiles.

Organically (without using paid ads), interacting with people on social media is an excellent way of reaching new potential fans.

The people who follow you on social media are interested in what you’re doing; it is free exposure.

Putting out free content on your social media pages, in conjunction with having a lead magnet set up, (to attract people to your mailing list) is a proven and free strategy to build your mailing list numbers and get high-quality followers.

Building content on your social media platforms around your releases helps to get fans excited and engaged. So get on it!

#4 Facebook Ads

If you have money in the budget and want to push your music to the next level, investing in facebook Ads is the fastest way to reach new audiences.

Whether you create conversation campaigns, video view campaigns, engagement campaigns, page-like campaigns, or lead campaigns for your mailing list, Facebook Ads are the answer.

Facebook Ads allow you to retarget people who have visited your website using pixels and show them ads for your music again.

The reality is people have short attention spans.

If someone was digging your latest video, but in the middle of watching, the doorbell goes – you’ve lost them.

With Facebook retargeting, you can retarget people who have watched a percentage of your latest video and put your music directly in front of them again at a later date.

It is truly powerful stuff.

#5 Keep learning

If you have thousands of pounds in your budget to release music, skip this step! If not, keep reading…

It is important to keep learning new skills when being a DIY musician. I know that we all got into this because we love making music. But that alone isn’t enough to build a sustainable music career.

If you are putting out new music, you first need to write, record, mix, produce and master the release.

Then, you will need artwork, some type of videos for social media campaigns, photos and the list goes on…

So why is this important for a music marketing blog?

You can outsource these necessities on sites like Fiverr, BUT those costs will quickly add up.

Recording the best quality music, basic artwork, a nicely edited video, and creating appealing Ads can easily run into $3000+.

If before you begin promoting your music, you’ve already spent $3000+, how much money will be left over to promote your release actively?

Using all of your budget to create your music and leaving nothing to promote it makes no sense.

Limited people will hear it, and that’s a waste! It’s just bad business.

So if you can learn the skills to mix, produce and master your music, and to create fantastic artwork and amazing content yourself, you will have spent nothing getting to the point where you are ready to market your music.

Also, investing in learning how to actively market your music yourself will save thousands in hiring music PR companies for each new release.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and all of these things take time to learn.

So take one step at a time and begin to regain control of the parts of the process you can learn to do yourself. This will save you money to invest in other areas.

#6 Keep your eyes peeled

Keeping your ear to the ground and finding new ways to get your music out there is always a good idea.

Music Marketing has never evolved as quickly as it has in the past five years, and I believe in learning new processes and deciding which are suitable for your marketing strategies.

Not every tip, trick or hack will be how you want to promote your music.

I hate TikTok. There I said it.

I’m not sure if I’m too old (is 36 too old?), I just don’t get it, but that is not to say it isn’t extremely powerful, and it has broken many artists.

It’s just not for me, and it’s not how I choose to promote my music. And that’s ok!

So keep ahead of the trends and try the ones you feel comfortable applying to your music.

2023 and beyond!

So there are my six top tips for releasing your music in 2023.

Will they be the same going into 2024?

Which new algorithm will have spoilt things?

Which new platform will be the latest craze?

Will Twitter have completely imploded in on itself Elon?

I can’t wait to find out.

Any questions or comments? Leave them in the link below, and I’ll get back to you.

Kris – FVMusicBlog

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