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Indie Music Blog – DIY Musicians

Welcome to FVMusicBlog. The home of the Indie Music Blog. 

We are an indie music blog that aims to provide the highest quality new music to music lovers. 

In addition, we are predominantly a music blog for unsigned artists. FVMusicBlog is designed to support independent musicians and provide independent music reviews, features and interviews.

We are a music blog for new artists and one that loves championing up and coming talent. 

Every Friday, we release our ‘Hot Picks’ indie music blogs which highlight the very best tracks that have been released that week. It’s an alternative music blog not to miss!

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Music Bloggers

Music is subjective, and that is why we love it. Moreover, what suits one audio taste may not suit another, but that’s what makes music interesting. 

This music blog has a broad range of musical tastes, from Rock to Hip Hop, Pop to Jazz, Dance to Blues, and everything in between. 

We believe that independent music blogs provide grassroots support for artists and bands. In addition, we aid artists and bands in progressing their careers and helping to get their music out to a wider audience. 

FVMusicBlog – This Month’s Top Releases Spotify Playlist

Music Blog for New Artists

Here at FVMusicBlog, we only ever cover music that we are genuinely passionate about.

We are a small music blog with a big heart.

Our dedication to artists is second to none, and we love nothing more than supporting their journey in gaining new fans and spreading the music word! 

We are a music blog that wants your music!

If you would like to be featured, please see our Music Blog Submission page. 

There has never been a better time to be an independent artist. The possibilities for free exposure with social media, gaining new fans from Spotify Playlists, and music placements are infinite. 

Music Review Blog

FVMusicBlog prides itself on being one of the best indie music review blogs for independent musicians. Importantly, we cover all genres of music, and we are an alternative blog with a lot of heart.

Underground and independent artists are so important to support. We love to diversify from the mainstream, and this indie music blog brings the finest music from across the globe. Moreover, this is why we rate ourselves amongst the best indie music blogs around. 

Above all, we love discovering fresh talent. Also, there is nothing more exciting than being the first blog to discover a banger of a tune or artists who are ahead of their time. 

So whether you are looking for an indie rock blog, a pop-rock blog, an alternative rock blog, or hip-hop blog, you are in the right place!

Indie Music – Spotify Playlists

Finally, we also have Spotify Playlists!

They feature artists and bands that we have highlighted on our indie music blog.

Finally, we update the playlists each month and fill them with the best new music releases – absolute bangers are a guarantee. Check them out!

FVMusicBlog – Hot Picks Spotify Playlist