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It’s hard to know which are the best music blogs to submit to, but you can’t go wrong with us.

We are passionate about new releases and spreading the word about them. Whether you have a single, album, or EP, we want to know about it! 

If you are in a band/or are a solo artist who wants to be reviews, interviews, and features about your new release, and wondering who are the best music blogs to submit to, get in touch from the contact form below.

We are always actively looking for new music submissions and aim to reply within 24 hours.

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Want To Contact Multiple Music Blogs?

We love promoting artists, but we are only one music blog. We only have so much time, and it’s tough to cover all of the music that we would ideally like to.

So, we thoroughly recommend checking out our friends at Musosoup. They are a press generator, and by submitting your latest release to them, your music will appear in front of numerous high-quality blogs and curators. Their curators are the ultimate music blogs to submit to.

Musosoup places your music directly in front of blogs stations and playlists without the need to pay out for a pricey publicist. They are passionate and genuine about what they do and can not recommend them highly enough.