Jack McKeever – 'Here We Go Lifting'

Jack McKeever - 'Here We Go Lifting' Musician and producer Jack McKeever has released his exquisite single, 'Here We Go Lifting'. It is a thoroughly enthralling listen.  A warm and inviting feel grabs the listener's attention from the get-go. The acoustic guitar is the stoic workhorse of the piece and masterfully dictates the tempo. The … Continue reading Jack McKeever – 'Here We Go Lifting'

Juan Sánchez – 'Rebirth'

Juan Sánchez - 'Rebirth' Composer Juan Sánchez released his magnificent album, 'Rebirth' in 2019. The nine-track album is filled with excellent compositions, beautiful arrangements and an immediate accessibility.  The title track 'Rebirth', opens the album to a delicately played piano. It grows in stature as the song progresses and is simply magnificent. 'Heading to Dreamland' … Continue reading Juan Sánchez – 'Rebirth'

Plastic Barricades – 'Optimist'

Plastic Barricades - 'Optimist' The divine duo Plastic Barricades are back with their sizzling latest single, 'Optimist'. Having been released officially on 2nd February 2020, it is available now! An expertly played electric guitar opens the single swiftly followed by wonderfully rhythmic drums, and the groove is established. The melodic vocals are delicious and add … Continue reading Plastic Barricades – 'Optimist'