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49 Burning Condors
49 Burning Condors

49 Burning Condors – ‘Seventh Hymnal’

Hailing from Philadelphia, 49 Burning Condors is a band you need to know about this Autumn. Their latest album ‘Seventh Hymnal’ is an indie-rock masterpiece that firmly sets the band as one at the top of their game.

‘Bayou’ opens the release to an atmospheric beginning before the instrumentation evolves, drawing the listener in. The stunning guitar work is simply divine.

‘Willow Tree’ is a standout song with a driving nature, gorgeous vocal performances and 49 Burning Condors’ trademark guitar sound. In addition. ‘Noonday’ features a gorgeously picked acoustic guitar, intriguing lyrics and a dark, brooding vibe.

Moreover, ‘Chapel Hill’ is a gorgeous song complete with textured and layered instrumentation. The string arrangements have been intelligently composed. Finally, the title track closes the release, taking the album in a fresh direction. We are excited to hear what will come next!


49 Burning Condors say about the release, “Seventh Hymnal was written during the pandemic; a time of abounding uncertainty, where death loomed around every corner, and chaos lingered in our world, homes, and veins.”

They continue, “Our songs are dripping with stories of grief, bodies floating down the river, men drowning to a siren’s song, and of the gods worshipped, who turned calamitous.”

Band Members

49 Burning Condors are comprised of band members Kimber Dulin (vocalist/lyricist), Chris Tremoglie (guitarist/pianist), Andriana Markano (violin), Zach Rinck (bassist), and Kat Wilson (Drums). They are all excellent musicians in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they play together.

Drums at zZounds


‘Seventh Hymnal’ has been engineered and produced by Matt Poirier and mastered by Joe Lambert. In addition, the artwork is courtesy of April Melchior and videography by Naya Kotko. Together the team have created a body of work that will stand the test of time.

So make sure you add ‘Seventh Hymnal’ to your new music playlist this week. 49 Burning Condors are destined for big things!

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