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‘A Heartbreak In The Making’ is the brilliant brand new single by Randall Lee Richards. Based in Nashville, Randall Lee Richards is single handedly taking Country music and making it relevant in the 2018 pop scene. On this stunning song (Released 10th August 2018), Randall Lee Richards seamlessly incorporates many different genres and the end product is magnificent. contemporary Country at its finest. 

‘A Heartbreak In The Making’ begins with clever production of incoming sound swiftly followed by a gorgeous banjo setting the country feel. The banjo is accompanied by claps which cleverly help to shift the genre to a pop country feel. The bass is rich and full of the low tones needed to drive the piece along and the drums have been heavily ladened with effects so they sound electronic which also adds to the contemporary feel. There is a welcome addition of backing vocals to be heard on the chorus which elevate the sound further. The harmonies are full, the enhance and emphasise the melodic chorus. 

Randall Lee Richards’s voice is so rich and welcoming, it is one of our favourite components to the track. It reminds us of Jon Bon Jovi in tone but has certain elements which are unmistakably Randall Lee Richards. Lyrically, the song is incredibly relatable and catchy and the phrasing of the cadences make the song flow wonderfully.

We must mention the epic guitar solo that we are spoiled to hear twice! The first time is before the bridge and is a shift away from the melodic vocals. The sound is big with just the right amounts of delay and reverb. It fits the genre perfectly. The bridge itself is a change of pace with an interesting telephone effect on the vocal. The solo guitar can also be heard again at the end, a sweet accompanier to the instruments. The outro is interesting. It is filled with the familiar claps and syncopated drums which conclude within a fade.

Having spent time being mentored by legendary artists such as, Neil Diamond, Charlie Daniels and Elton John, it is no wonder Randall Lee Richards’s writing is such top notch! Techniques and tips can be taught but the natural ability that Randall Lee Richards has shines through on this single.

Currently, Randall Lee Richards says he is “writing at least one song every week”, with a single as strong as ‘A Heartbreak In The Making’, we can not wait to hear what comes next from this special artist. 

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018




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