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All Or Nothing Artwork‘All or Nothing’ is the welcomingly infectious single from the brilliant Canadian artist Adam Wendler. Indie-Folk-Pop in genre, this single is a catchy heartfelt look into life and love which is relatable by all. 

The single starts with stripped back vocals and an acoustic guitar which reiterates the Country-Folk feel. The acoustic guitar is played extremely well with a fingerpicking style that is blissful. ‘All or Nothing’ is the type of song which would stand alone with no other instrumentation needed. An acoustic version would be superb but the track is further enhanced as the other instruments kick in. We hear a kicked drum which is strong and stable in its rhythm, always dependable and feels like the heartbeat of the song. 

The chorus is catchy and is further enhanced by the double-tracked vocals which give emphasis to the well constructed heartfelt lyrics. We also hear a bass, a tambourine, and high hats. These are accompaniments which are used in perfect measure, never intrusive and always accompanying the main stars: the guitars and vocals. The song strips back for an instrumental accompanied by ‘Oooohs’, it then builds back up slowly for a catchy chorus which will be suck in your head all day!

Wendler’s voice is simply magical. The amount of feeling, tone, and heart he is able to portray is really special. Wendler reminds us of Neil Young on this single. There are some gorgeous lyrics on the song too, ‘It’s not much but its everything to me”, is a heartbreakingly gorgeous lyric that strikes to the heart of the song. His cadences are well thought out and his phrasing is on the money every time. The delivery is vulnerable, warm and heartfelt in equal measures. Wendler’s writing has reminiscent elements and his fingerpicking guitar style also takes in influences but it is unmistakably Adam Wendler.

We were also incredibly impressed with the production of ‘All or Nothing’. The mix, production, and mastering are of an incredibly high standard. The overall sound is crisp yet warm with many luscious tones in between. 

In 2017 Wendler won ‘The Next Big Thing’ (radioeins) and ‘Songslam Neukölln’ (Berlin), with a single as strong as ‘All or nothing’ it is easy to see why! Do not delay, check out this exciting artist today!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018







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