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LostAddisyn Chafé is a songwriter based in Austin, Texas. She is releasing her phenomenal single, ‘When We Fall In Love’ which has been taken from the 6 song EP ‘Lost’.

‘When We Fall In Love’ opens to the sound of an atmospheric guitar. The guitar has been heavily doctored with reverb and delay which gives ambience to the sound. We are then introduced to Addisyn Chafé’s silky, smooth and angelic vocals. Addisyn Chafé has the type of voice which you could listen to her singing the phone book and it wouldn’t matter. Her voice is enticing and welcoming with passion and varying levels of intensity. She converts emotion effortlessly and is able to keep the listener’s attention easily.

The lyrics on this single are relatable and knowledgeable throughout. There are gorgeous lines such as, “Say see you laters, not goodbyes.” Always clever and never dull. They fit seamlessly with the music too. The guitars stay a constant throughout with a beautiful baseline giving colour to the piece. There are also additions of a xylophone, drums and cymbals which are all sparse in their offerings but add layers and textures without being overwhelming. All of the instrumentation is subtle but necessary. They do not overpower or overwhelm but add seasoning to the piece.

The choruses are particularly interesting, they are driving and building colours constantly. We found the vocals on these parts are also full, they are double tracked adding to the intensity and impact of the song.

‘When We Fall In Love’ is essentially a love song at its core, where the vocals take centre stage to everything else. The mix, production and mastering all make for a sound which is crisp, clear and concise from the atmospheric beginning to the fade-out ending.

We will most certainly be checking out the rest of this EP based on how much we adored the single. We will also be keeping an eye on what comes next from this talented artist. So join us and check out ‘When We Fall In Love’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

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