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‘Alone AF’ – Chad Rubin

Chad Rubin is a talented Singer-Songwriter based in Scottsdale, Arizona. His latest single ‘Alone AF’ is co written by Rubin and Curtis Douglas. It is pop in genre with hints of R’n’B mixed in.

Rubin has a fresh approach to pop, his vocals are mixed beautifully. They are smooth and direct with a hint of fun pop bomb! It is a mighty, welcomed, catchy ear worm and after a couple of listens it has been stuck in our heads all day.

Rubin talent is clear to hear, he switches seamlessly from a stunning vocal performance, into rap and then back again. The harmonies make ‘Alone AF’ stand out from the pack and the entire track has a fun, chill sound.

The single is accompanied by a divine music video which was Directed, Filmed & Edited by Liz Sim of Parkway Media; Los Angeles, California.

The video itself is a perfect fit for ‘Alone AF’ and Liz has balanced the visual art with the audio beautifully. For us, the pinnacle of the music video is a clever edit of Rubin singing those beautifully harmony parts in a third split screen in the latter third of the video.

Chad is an exciting talent and we can not wait to see what comes next!

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