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IMG_0290.jpgDjo Life is an exciting artist hailing from Tuscan, AZ. Originally from New York City, Djo has been in various bands in both NYC and Boston but his solo project based in Tuscan is something very special and this latest release ‘Anytime, Every Time’ is no exception. 

On his biography Djo Life describes his music as ‘Alternative/Alt. Rock, Pop and New Wave’, we can heard all of these brilliant genres in this stunning single. However, they never step on each others toes and always work in harmony together beautifully. Thus, creating a harmonious genre crossing piece of work.

The track opens with two separate guitars: a natural sounding acoustic and an electric ladened heavy with effects. These two simple pieces of instrumentation create rhythm, structure and fascination within the opening 10 seconds! 

The entire song is filled with catchy and fresh hooks. It has been well arranged to have verses, bridges and chorus’ which all contagiously offer their own character, hooks and likability. ‘Anytime, Every Time’ is predominantly about love, it is upbeat and carries a positive and joyous message. The lyrics all fit into place beautifully and have perfectly fitting cadences helping the lyrics to bounce along, always hitting the mark and never jerky. 

There are so many instruments to keep track of, all doing their own thing but together painting the bigger picture. The drums are lively (especially the kick) with the addition of vivacious claps in the chorus’s. There is a mandolin first heard before the second verse and layered vocals offering up texture and quality throughout.  We adored the bridge, it takes an unexpected and unprecedented turn from what we have previously heard in the verses and feels like it resolves back to familiar territory in the catchy chorus. Djo Life’s voice sound reminds us of Crowded House with the Beatles thrown in. His voice is both rough and smooth at the same time giving thoroughly unique character. 

There is no denying Djo Life’s talent and creativity on this single. All of the instruments have been played or arranged by him and carry his unique personality and talent in abundance. The song itself is catchy and foot tapping which will make you reach for the repeat button to hear ‘Anytime, Every Time’ over and over again. 

We must mention the video which accompanies the song. It has the lyrics incorporated along side a lot of eye catching graphics. The video is the perfect partner to the track, it lets you focus on the music without being distracted but also engages the visuals with the song. Very clever, quirky and always interesting. 

What a truly exciting and exhilarating artist, we can not wait to hear what comes next!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018



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