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Ask Carol – ‘AC ‘I: Control You’

We have been big fans of the Norway-based band Ask Carol for the past few years, and we have been highly anticipating their full album release, ‘AC ‘I: Control You’. We are thrilled to say it did not disappoint!

‘Control You’ opens the release to a hauntingly beautiful beginning with dark beats and attention-demanding vocals. In addition, ‘Tonight’ is a stand-out song. The main riff is infectious and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. We adore the textured instrumentation and stunning vocal performances.

‘Pressure’s On’ is a punchy and dynamic release featuring relatable lyrics and excellent guitars. Also, ‘Shining Bright’ instantly demands the listener’s attention, drawing us in and captivating our imagination.

Moreover, ‘Do It in LA’ is a catchy song that would fit into any alt-rock playlist. The big, catchy chorus is infectious and sets Ask Carol apart from the crowd.


Ask Carol says about the release, “Recorded during the covid-lockdown of 2021, ‘AC I: Control You’ is Ask Carol’s first full-length album.” They continue, “With a dark and melancholic undertone, it takes you from the alternative and cinematic vibes of ‘Control You’, the title track, to the energetic and punk-influenced alt-rock of ‘Mountains Of Cash’. In between, you have flavors from all over the genre spectrum, but always with a solid base in rock and a nordic twist.”

Drums at zZounds


There is something so special about Ask Carol. Their sound is unique to them, mixing styles and pushing boundaries, all while innovating the alt-rock/pop genre.

They are leading the genre forward in 2022, and we feel this album could well be the release that sees the band break into the mainstream.

So make sure you add ‘AC ‘I: Control You’ to your new music playlist this week. AC ‘I: Control You’ is available as a digital and physical release. With pre-orders available here. Enjoy!

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