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Audri – ‘Mechanic High’

Hailing from Seattle, musician Audri has released the magnificent EP ‘Mechanic High’. It is an alternative-pop release that needs to be on your new music playlist this week.

‘Euphoria’ opens the release and instantly demands the listener’s attention. Audri’s vocal performance stands out in the mix and draws the listener in. We adore the layered instrumentation that lays the solid foundation for Audri’s soulful vocals to shine.

‘Runaway Rabbit’ takes the EP in a new direction. The unpredictable chordal progressions and brilliant arrangement leads the audience on unexpected twists and turns.

Finally, ‘Pasture Lullaby’ closes the release, and the excellent songwriting shines through. Audri is a troubadour at heart, and ‘Pasture Lullaby’ is a single that will have you reaching for the repeat button.


Audri says about the opening track, “‘Euphoria’ is simply about going to an amusement park and having a blast. Simple outings and day trips that are focused on just letting go and having fun can really change a person’s perspective on what living is.”

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She continues, “‘Runaway Rabbit is about kids off on a summer adventure. A child’s mind can make the smallest things seem grand. The lyrics make it seem as though they are going on a life-changing journey, but in reality, they are just running around their neighborhood.”


Audri worked with Elliot Austin (Bass), Giovanni Recchi (Drums), Sawyer Thompson (Guitar), Chris Rahm (audio engineer), Austen Jux-Chandler (Mixing engineer), and Rachel Field (mastering engineer) on this superb EP. Together they have crafted a body of work that is compelling and one that will stand the test of time.


So make sure you check out ‘Mechanic High’ this week. Audri is an exciting and dynamic artist who is destined to do significant things in 2022. We very much look forward to hearing what will come next.

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