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Make it Hurt‘Make It Hurt’ is the phenomenal, brand new single from rappers Auxycodone, 6obby & BINXX. It is a catchy and classy song which at its heart, talks about relationships in an engaging and enticing way.

The song begins to the sound of synths. They phase in and out from either side of the sound spectrum and create a disorienting feel to the opening of the piece. The high hats, kick and bass line soon follow. The high hats are energetic and lively, they give a fresh new element to the piece. We found the bass line to be subtle but integral to the sound. It carries the song along and is the backbone to the structure.

The rap and spoken word elements are the heart of the piece. These parts are provided by 3 separate artists; Auxycodone, 6obby & BINXX. They each have their own specific and recognisable style making them individual however, the three come together as one to make the track work as a whole. These rap parts are the shining stars of the piece and are what makes ‘Make It Hurt’ a stand out track for 2019. Their powerful deliveries hit the mark every time in their own style. The first rap by Auxycodone has fast flowing lyrics with cadences which hit every time. 6obby’s style is more gentle but is a brilliant juxtaposition to what we have heard before. BINXX’s rap style mixes styles and has a punk element to it. Blissful.

The production and mastering of the track have been well executed. There is space for each of the instruments and vocals in the mix with them all coming together and working as a whole. The sound is warm and inviting, with the instruments providing the perfect backdrop for the vocals to shine.

We have no doubt that ‘Make It Hurt’ is destined for big things. The track is shy of 3 minutes in length and it most certainly left us wanting more. We will be following Auxycodone, 6obby & BINXX’s progress closely and can not wait to hear what will come next from such exciting and talented artists.

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019




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