Auxycodone – ‘Choker Chain’ (Prod. HAVEN BEATS)

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choker chain cover art (1)Auxycodone has released his brilliant single ‘Choker Chain’. Produced by HAVEN BEATS, the song is a hip-hop/rap track in a genre which leaves a heavy and intoxicating feeling within.

‘Choker Chain’ opens to a sound of confusion. We hear samples mixed together with female spoken word over the top. The confusion mist is swiftly broken by Auxycodone’s unmistakeable rap. His style is unique to him and his delivery is smooth and delicious.  Auxycodone’s cadences always land perfectly and he has the undeniable skill of being able to let words roll off his tongue in a skilful and engaging way. Auxycodone spits the lyrics out and they always land perfectly on this track. This is a skill which can not be taught and is a natural talent. The lyrics and the instrumentation flow brilliantly and together they strike a magical tone.

The production on ‘Choker Chain’ is top class. There is a lot of instrumentation and percussion happening under the rap, but it is never intrusive and most certainly integral to the overall sound. The sound is phat and has an ear-catching bass line and kick. We adored the claps which nod to the genre and the high hats are lively, carrying the piece along. The track is relatively short coming in at 1 minute 31 seconds in length and ending on a fade. This leaves the listener craving more.

The artwork for ‘Choker Chain’ is provocative, eye-catching and hard-hitting in nature. As you can see above, it depicts a woman’s breasts with the title of the song written above them. Designed by Dylan Nail, this artwork is most certainly effective. One post from a user on SoundCloud said, “Clicked for the pic stayed for the music”. This is a testament to the strong song which the artwork represents. We can understand why the artwork would be a draw in itself but the music is most certainly there to back it up.

From the incredible rap composition and delivery to the enchanting production, these are the things which make ‘Choker Chain’ stand out from the crowd. This is a special and exciting release from an artist who is set for big things in 2019. Make sure to check Auxycodone today. We can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting talent.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019




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