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‘Bail It’ is the brand new single from the brilliant twin duo, Ejima. Originally from Edenton, North Carolina and currently living in Los Angeles, Ejima fuse R&B with pop and have created a wonderfully catchy and mesmerising track which has all the ingredients to be a big hit for summer 2018. 

The track is heavily catchy with tantalising hooks and from the get go. The listener is drawn into it’s hypnotising qualities and unforgettable melodies. The vocal performance from the two female singers and later the introduction of a male rapper, are the main stand out elements of ‘Bail It’. The 3 separate vocal performances weave in and out of each other, always complimenting one another and enhancing the layers of depth. 

Lyrically, ‘Bail It’ is extremely relatable on many different levels and ages across the spectrum. It has an appeal for everyone. The line which particularly stood out; “I am not guilty and everyone makes mistakes” has an appeal for all. It certainly did in our office. We believe ‘Bail It’ is a metaphor for heartbreak and loss. The sung parts, harmonies and spoken word all create depth and a constantly changing and interesting textural sonic scape. The lyrics resonate and are deep at the same time as being catchy R&B Pop. This is very difficult to do but Ejima deliver it to perfection. 

The mix, production and mastering on the single are of an extremely high quality. The layers of vocals have been blended superbly. There is use of an extremely long delay on the verse vocals which facilitates words to fade away gently into the distance. This creates a wide perception of space and depth, each element owning its own territory. The use delay and compression are used in perfect measure too. 

There is also a video which has been released in support of the single and it compliments the song divinely. You see the women dressed in orange jumpsuits throughout and is  thoroughly enjoyable piece of work. 

Our favourite thing about Ejima? They are reinventing and innovating a preloved genre for the 10’s. We hear influences from The Jacksons and also the 90’s band TLC but they are just that, influences. They are formidable artists in their own right and when their song comes on, you will know instantaneously it is them. 

‘Ejima’ comes from the Nigerian word for twins and these pair are most definitely a duo to watch out for. With a groove as smooth as silk and voices adaptable to any style, we can not wait to hear what comes next from these brilliant artists!

Reviewed by FVReviews July 2018




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