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The Sheyana Band released their latest album ‘Big Love’ on 23rd March 2018 and what a cracking album it is!

Sheyana Wijesingha is a London born, Australian based songwriter and performer. She has teamed up with musicians: Scott Mainwaring Dan Jeffrey and Beau Thomas to form The Sheyna Band to release her 6th studio album and we have been lucky enough to be able to review it.

The album is an upbeat Country, Rock and Roll (with a sprinkle of blues too) filled with heartfelt lyrics, catchy melodies and interesting punchlines. There are many wonderful tracks through the 14 track listen. The opening and title track ‘Big Love’s bursting with excellent musicianship. It is a fully rounded song, with a catchy (it will have you humming it all summer) chorus. We loved the luscious guitar solo with the walking bass in the background. The bass has the ability to be the accompaniment and also shine in it’s own right. The harmonies on the chorus are luscious and lift the chorus to the next level. The instrumentation pulls back the the final verse to make way for the gorgeous chorus to kick back in at the end. 

We also loved ‘Blindside’, the Country vocals with reverb and delay on the guitars. The guitars and bass drive the song along. The rattling high hats add texture and depth and yet again the harmonies are spot on. ‘Mr Jackson’ is slower than previous tracks have been with a beautiful slide guitar solo and is a great contrast to what we have heard previously. It is powerful, relatable and hard-hitting.

‘Soul Sister’ had stunning grooves between the guitars. They remind us of John Mayer in their sound and delivery. The main riff is catchy and the bass and drums carry the track along. We have to give a mention to the stunning Hammond organ on ‘Happy To Be’ it has a big opening followed but a soulful, warm and deep vocal performance. Sublime. 

Shayana’s vocals are most certainly the star of the piece. The simultaneously hold all of the excellent instrumentation together and star in their own right. Her voice is soulful, smooth and relatable. It reminds us of the Dixie chicks meets Kimberly Perry (The Band Perry) and she achieves the most magnificent performance. 

‘Big Love’ was recorded and sound engineered by Al Future at The Chapel in Austin’s Ferry, Tasmania. Future also worked with Pete Cornelius and it features guest appearances by some of Tassie’s finest musicians. The final mixing was done by Russell Pilling at Damien Gerard Studios, Sydney through Foghorn Music and the album was mastered by grammy award winner William Bowden of King Willy Sound.

If you do one thing this summer, check out this album!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018




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