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20190424_Bonne_Front_Album_FINAL_LODue for release on 5th July 2019, ‘Gauntlet’ is the spellbinding brand new album from Bonne Finken. It is heavily rock influenced with luscious instrumentation and a big all-consuming sound. 

‘Gauntlet’ opens with the song, ‘Down Down’. It is a tough choice but we think this is our favourite track on the album. It has impactful synths and heavy drums with a driving bass and vocals which move across the audio spectrum. There is so much layered texture to be enjoyed and we found it to be a deeply impacting and affecting tune. We could hear this song being released as a single with great success. 

There are many great songs on this record. ‘Someday’ is filled with bells and synths creating a dark atmosphere with rising vocals. Bliss. ‘Holy Water’ is enthralling from the get-go with energetic high hats and synth riffs. The bass and drums are driving and there is a toe-tapping feel which will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

‘You Never Knew’ has marching drums which guide and drive the song along beautifully. Also, the backing vocals add deep texture and intrigue to the piece. We loved the song ‘Warning signs’ too, it is filled with melodic rock at its finest. 

‘Hate You Now’ has an ambiguous start which adds intrigue from the get-go. It slowly builds layers forming a solid foundation to grow from. The harmonies are addictive to listen to and the guitars add further texture to a well-balanced piece. 

Finken has a voice which is unparalleled to anything we have heard before. It is filled with rich depth and tone with luscious colours throughout. There is so much texture and depth to be enjoyed, we have been mesmerised by the endless talent Finken has. The band’s overall sound reminds us of Paramore but make no mistake, they are a phenomenal band who makes a sound all of their own. 

Based in Des Moines, Finken is an award-winning Pop Artist, Rock Vocalist, Producer, Creative Director, Songwriter and Composer. There is no end to her talents which makes her a true force to be reckoned with. There is no doubt that ‘Gauntlet’ will be added to your favourite playlist in no time. Do not delay, check out this magnificent release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2019 

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