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Brandon Wolf Hill is a rap/indie artist hailing from Minneapolis, MN, United States. His latest single ‘Don’t Leave Me’ released in 2018, is a heart breaking and relatable piece of work.

‘Don’t Leave Me’ has a beautiful acoustic start mixed with female spoken word cleverly and closely followed by male singing vocals. Once the verse kicks in so does the the rap which flows along so naturally and is totally memorising. The double tracked chorus sets the song a light. Lyrically speaking ‘Don’t Leave Me’ is heartfelt and relatable to any listener. 

The sun starts to rise with the introduction of the 3rd verse. It speaks of acceptance and making plans for the future. The fragile time has past, the dawn has come and it looks towards to next step. During the outro we hear, ‘My mind was lost but I know I was home’ this is poetically stunning, haunting and memorable. It strikes a chord right in the heart of being relatable and genuine. The final piece to the puzzle is the acapella final lines which (like all fine pieces of art) stays with the listener for long after the song is finished. 

If you cut through the middle of this song you would find pure soul, passion and dedication. All of which can be felt in Brandon’s vocal delivery. It is sobering, moving, and haunting all at once which creates layers of depth.

Brandon is also a record producer and his talents can be heard on the single too. The mix is stripped and laid back letting the lyrics shine through. The kick drum, in particular, has a wonderful tone and feel to it. It carries the song along throughout, from the melancholy tone of the vocals, the kick makes you feel as though it is the strong and steady force carrying the performer through. 

Without doubt Brandon is a master of his craft. Every detail from the songwriting, to the performance, to the production and mix of the track is executed to perfection. We were left thinking, what an exciting artist. 

Will this blissful single be a prelude to an album? We can’t wait to find out! 

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2018

Twitter: @BrandonWolfHill

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