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Angler Managment EP Cover.jpgWe have been lucky enough to review the latest song by Brenda Cay. Taken from Cay’s EP ‘Angler Management’, ‘Another Beach’ is quite simply a spellbinding song.

‘Another Beach’ is Country/Americana in genre and has all of the classic instrumentation you would expect to hear. Guitars, drums, bass and vocals fill the sound spectrum wonderfully. The thing which sets the song apart from the crowd is the songwriting. It is slightly ambiguous in the beginning but it soon becomes apparent the deep and personal meaning to the lyrics. ‘Another Beach’ is about the fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us to have our freedom. Cay is an American but this subject is relatable to people across the world. Here in the UK, many soldiers lost their lives in order for us to have our freedom today and ‘Another Beach’ resonated deeply with us.

Although there is a serious and dark subject matter, this has been juxtaposed musically. The chord progressions, especially at the end of the choruses are upbeat and uplifting. This union of happy and sad creates a diverse and characterful song.

All of the instruments are played superbly well on the song. Each of the musicians are masters in their respective crafts and this shines through. Cay’s voice is unique and atmospheric. She sings with emotion and passion about a subject matter which is clearly close to her heart. She reminds us of Judee Sill in places but has a sound all of her own.

We also enjoyed the small details in ‘Another Beach’. Subtle but important, the details shine through. We loved the use of a trumpet in the instrumental and also the links to the different sections. Great care and love have been applied throughout. The mix, production and mastering are all to an excellent standard and they help to lift the song to another level.

At the heart of it, ‘Another Beach’ is a song which gives thanks. It is a thank you from around the world from the people who can live in freedom because of the sacrifices others have made. Cay has written a song which gets to the heart of the matter in a direct, compassionate way. Her talented songwriting needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. Check out this magnificent release today, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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