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American musician Brian Beecher is a brilliant songwriter and performer. We have been lucky enough to review his song ‘Lady of the Books’. It is a gentle acoustic track with soul at its heart.

‘Lady Of the Books’ opens to the sound of a well rounded acoustic guitar being picked. It is also accompanied by synth strings which add a new dimension to the piece and delicately reinforce the guitars beautiful landscape sound. We found the instrumentation to be minimalistic but extremely effective, it leaves room for Beecher’s voice to shine. We adored the tone to Beecher’s voice, he has a strong American accent which is gentle yet still demands the listeners’ full attention. There is a very subtle use of percussion on the choruses which added further depth and helps to drive the song along.

We also discovered subtle and clever techniques Beecher uses to make the sound run smoothly. The crossover between the verses and choruses sees two vocal takes and they ever so slightly overlap one another. This makes for a pleasing and smooth transition between the two parts.

One thing is for sure; Beecher is an excellent storyteller at the top of his game. He describes this song as being, “Inspired by a conversation I had with one of the librarians at my local library on her last day on the job.” From this one conversation, Beecher and his wonderful imagination have carefully crafted a thoughtful and detailed look into this ladies life. The song finds hidden emotions and touches on a relatable feeling. His choice of lyrics are also a stroke of genius. There are true gems scattered throughout the song, such as, “”she still wears a touch of regret on her sleeve,” all of these touches add up to a stunning piece of poetry.

‘Lady of the Books’ demonstrates what a talented composer Beecher is. He has a natural ability to take a passing conversation and create a world around it. Stunning. This 5-minute song feels longer in presence and ends on a gentle fade which will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Make sure you check out this talent today, we are sure Brian Beecher will be a name you will hear a lot more of in the future. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such a special artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

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