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Cas du Pree - Lonneke Prins
Cas du Pree – Lonneke Prins

Cas du Pree – ‘Getting To Know Me’

Hailing from Brummen, musician Cas du Pree has released the brilliant album ‘Getting To Know Me’. It is an indie-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button in 2022.

‘You Beside Me’ opens the release to welcoming keys before Cas du Pree’s soulful and rich vocals take the reins of the song. We adore the heartfelt nature of the song that reaches out and touches the listener.

‘A Better Me’ is a standout track. There is a melancholy feel from the get-go; as the vocals enter, the audience is fully engaged. Cas du Pree knows how to relate to his audience, and this song is a prime example of this.

‘Slow Down Boy’ features wonderfully composed and arranged instrumentation that fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. ‘Differently’ is a carefully crafted song with unexpected chordal progressions.

Finally, ‘You Beside Me’ acoustic closes the release, bringing the album full circle and leaving the listener wanting more!

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Cas du Pree says about the release, “This is my debut album which is autobiographical. Difficult subjects from life like losing a sister, packed in indie-pop ballads with touches of rock and jazz. This, combined with my unique voice, will definitely leave a lasting impression.”


Cas du Pree cites his influences as coming from artists such as JP Cooper, Sam Smith and Elton John. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Getting To Know Me’, but make no mistake, Cas du Pree is making music all of his own.

A number of talents have worked on this album, including Arron Storey (co-writing and production), Sebastien Haby (mix engineer), Will Everett (co-writer ‘Untouchable’), Frans Rinsma (producer) and finally, ‘Getting To Know Me’ was mastered by Mottosound UK. Together they have crafted a superb debut album that sets Cas du Pree as an artist on the rise in 2022.

We can’t recommend Cas du Pree highly enough. ‘Getting To Know Me’ is a superb release that must be heard!

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