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44832320_2021436217899883_2671952588529729536_nCashing in Karma have released their superb brand new EP ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ on 2nd November 2018. The 7 track EP is a collection of sublime songs, all of which are catchy and memorable. One listen and you will be hooked for good!

The trio opens ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ with the song, ‘Liar Liar’. It has a hard-hitting opening with the listener being exposed to vocals, guitars, bass, and drums from the get-go. The skill in their musicianship is evident from the beginning and there are layers of texture throughout this first introduction. There is innovation in the composition too, before the first chorus we hear an instrumental. This is very unusual structurally but Cashing In Karma have ensured this works beautifully.

Our favourite tracks are difficult to pick as each of the songs have single potential. If we were forced to choose, ‘Yesterday Didn’t Work’ is simply stunning. The solo fat kick opening which is layered by a double-tracked solo guitar is a big bold statement. The vocals are then layered with lots of luscious reverb and the entire song feels new and refreshing. ‘Here I stay’ is another classic song in the making. The guitars drive the pace along with staccato guitar parts and it also features stunning female vocals too.

‘B.S.D’ feels like a showcase of the excellent musicianship Cashing in Karma possess. Each of their parts stands out on their own as well as working as a collective. The final song, ‘The Sound’ is exquisite. We hear the Guitar and Bass playing the same parts in different octaves and the vocals are skillful and characterful throughout. There is a big catchy chorus with all of the instrumentation working together beautifully and the layered vocals adding unique touches. It is on this track that we also hear the EP’s title lyrics, ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’. Sublime.

Based in Lakewood, WA, Cashing In Karma are a band with whom we can hear many different influences running through their songs. From Royal Blood to the Arctic Monkeys, to the Foo Fighters, Cashing In Karma make for a sound which is undeniably theirs.

Checkout Cashing in Karma’s brand new EP ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ today, they are a band destined for big things.

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018





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