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'Brain Fog' - Cassidy Watts
‘Brain Fog’ – Cassidy Watts

Cassidy Watts – ‘Brain Fog’

Sydney-based artist Cassidy Watts has released the superb album, ‘Brain Fog’. It is an easy-listening release that you need to hear this Summer.

‘Melancholy, Pt.1’ opens the release to delicately played keys which sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. We adore Watts’s intuitive touch, and the wonderful piece draws the listener in. 

‘Isolation’ is a standout song. From a mystical opening, it takes the listener on a fabulous journey. In addition, ‘The Pain of Remembering’ is a deeply affecting track that strikes at the heart of its listeners. 

Finally, ‘Sinking in Delirium’ closes the release and has the audience reaching for the repeat button!


Watts says about the release, “The concept of this album ‘Brain Fog’ revolves around the subconscious mind and feelings that are rarely talked about. With this project, I found I was able to tap into a more empathetic side of my composing, being able to directly put how I perceive these specific emotions and thoughts into sound.”

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She continues, “When I listen back to the tracks, it makes me feel those feelings without having to think about them.”

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

We are so excited to have discovered Cassidy Watts. She is an intelligent composer and arranger who makes music that sets her apart from the crowd. She is currently studying at Sydney Conservatorium of Music, completing a Bachelor of Music majoring in Composition.

Make A Note

So, please make a note of the name Cassidy Watts; it may be the first time that you are hearing it, but we are confident that it will not be the last. We highly anticipate what Cassidy Watts will do next; until then, ‘Brain Fog’ is available to stream from the link below. Enjoy today!

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