ASMR Mics – Which Microphone Is Best For Me?

ASMR mics are super sensitive microphones that pick up noises directly to evoke a pleasant response from listeners. They are used to provoke the listener’s autonomous sensory meridian response. *Read Disclosure Here ASMR are not a specific type of microphone like a condenser, dynamic or ribbon microphone. They are acute microphones that can detect low-level […]

The Chaw – ‘Build Them An Image’

The Chaw – ‘Build Them An Image’ Hailing from Oakland, The Chaw released their superb hard-rock album, ‘Build Them An Image’, in May 2022.  ‘Boil in Blood’ opens the release with a hard-hitting song with an addictive nature. Fuelled with memorable guitar riffs and driving sound, this excellent track sets the scene for what is […]

Joyeur – ‘How To Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’

Joyeur – ‘How To Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’ Los Angeles-based artist Joyeur has released the phenomenal album ‘How To Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’. It is an electronic-pop release with a lot of heart. ‘Underbelly’ opens the release, instantly drawing the audience in. Joyeur’s outstanding vocal performance demands the listener’s attention while […]

Josh Savage – ‘Another Life’ Album Release

Josh Savage – ‘Another Life’ Released on Savage Tribe Records, ‘Another Life’ is the excellent album release from Berlin-based artist Josh Savage. It is a dream-pop release that strikes at the heart of its listeners. ‘Young Fools’ opens the release to a staccato guitar and Savage’s unmistakable charismatic vocals. Then, as the chorus drops, the […]

LAVA ME 3 – Is this the Future of Smart Guitars?

*Read Disclosure Here* LAVA ME 3 guitar could be the future of smart guitars. It features powerful technology upgraded from the impressive Lava me 2 and is unlike anything we have seen previously. This smart guitar that has been reimagined for 2022. This superb carbon fiber guitar features a 3.5 multi-touch display integrated with HILAVA […]

Touch the Clouds – ‘Feeling Light’ Single Release

Touch the Clouds – ‘Feeling Light’ Hailing from Detroit, Touch the Clouds has released the excellent single ‘Feeling Light’ in June 2022. It is an alternative-rock single that needs to be heard! ‘Feeling Light’ is punchy and engaging from the beginning. We adore the layered and charismatic vocal performances that fill the sonic spectrum with […]

Graffiti Welfare – ‘Revolving Shores’

Graffiti Welfare – ‘Revolving Shores’ Released on Milleville Music, ‘Revolving Shores’ is the brilliant new album from Denver-based artist Graffiti Welfare. It is a ten-track electronic-pop release that you need to hear this Summer. ‘To Be It’ opens the release and gently swims into the sonic spectrum. We adore the gentle and welcoming nature of […]

Music Interview: Victor Alexeeff

We caught up with musician VICTOR ALEXEEFF, following the release of his superb album, ‘Classics Unleashed’. Read the full interview now! Hi Victor, Tell us about yourself?  My mom might get upset if I talk about myself… she said it’s not good to brag about yourself – but here’s my website … which has a […]

SALT – ‘Fairytale On Fire’ Album Release

SALT – ‘Fairytale On Fire’ Edinburgh-based band SALT has released the brilliant album ‘Fairytale On Fire’. It is a pop-punk release that will strike at the heart of its listeners this Summer. ‘Halo’ opens the release to a melodic bass before the punchy and driving instrumentation kicks in. We adore the charismatic vocals and compelling […]

Victor Alexeeff – ‘Classics Unleashed’ Album Released

Victor Alexeeff – ‘Classics Unleashed’ It’s not every day you come across an artist as talented and imaginative as Los Angeles-based artist Victor Alexeeff. His latest album, ‘Classics Unleashed’, is a masterclass in reinventing classical music with innovative arrangements, and it is an album you need to hear this Summer. ‘Sonata No. 8 in C […]