The Great Dictators – ‘Creep For Life’

The Great Dictators - 'Creep For Life' One of our favourite bands is back! The Great Dictators released their mesmerising latest single, 'Creep For Life' on 20th March 2020.  Drums and attention backing instrumentation opens the single. The vocals enter, rich and warm with an intoxicating melody. We loved the layered synths in the background, … Continue reading The Great Dictators – ‘Creep For Life’

4FLO MUSIC – ‘Running Around’

4FLO MUSIC - 'Running Around' Hailing from Manchester, musician 4FLO MUSIC (AKA Ben Partington), released his magnificent latest single in March 2020. It is a song filled with heart and soul, a thoroughly addictive listen. Synths with an underpinning melody open the single. Layered instrumentation bursts into the sonic spectrum, and this is followed by Ben's … Continue reading 4FLO MUSIC – ‘Running Around’

Elektric Animals – ‘Guillotine’

Elektric Animals - 'Guillotine' Hailing from Denver, CO, Elektric Animals are an alternative rock band. Their latest single 'Guillotine', is an explosive track that is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button.  A swirling opening soon evolves into a full band sound. The synth riff is catchy and memorable. The bass and drums … Continue reading Elektric Animals – ‘Guillotine’