Common Fires – ‘Avery’

Common Fires is the stage name of the superbly talented and multi-instrumentalist, Caleb McAlpine. From a dark and ambiguous opening, a sweet and heartfelt song appears. The fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar is sparse in the beginning and becomes fuller as the song progresses. The vocals are accessible and warm with a charming vulnerability underpinning their delivery. … Continue reading Common Fires – ‘Avery’

Declan Guckian – ‘Gold’ Single

Declan Guckian is a singer-songwriter who is always on the move. Based in Prague, this Irish musician is a traveling man, collecting ideas and stories wherever he goes. Guckian's latest single, 'Gold' is an exquisite track which is laid back in nature and rich in soul. From a harmonised vocal beginning, a big song grows. First, … Continue reading Declan Guckian – ‘Gold’ Single