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Attachment_1558277670.jpegReleased originally in 2017, ‘For Your Love’ is the captivating single by the 21-year-old musician, Cathyy. It is a deeply emotional song which is filled with sentiment and relatable themes throughout.

Cathyy is a singer/songwriter who writes from the extracts of her diary. This raw, stream of emotion can be felt on this song. ‘For Your Love’ gives the listener an insight into Cathy’s world from a specific time and place. This snapshot style of writing packs a big punch from the beginning to the end.

‘For Your Love’ is thoroughly engaging from the get-go. It has a stripped down feel, with 3 instruments: guitar, voice and piano. Each of these instruments brings something new to the mix. They have been used in a sympathetic way to let the lyrics shine through. There are short piano solos in the piece which add a new dimension and take the song into new directions adding to its rich layers and tapestry.

Cathyy creates melodies in vocal performance which are instantly recognisable as her trademark style. Her chord structures fit well together and there is a definite change between the verses to choruses. The chorus chords take unexpected twists and turns which keeps the listener’s attention well. At the heart of this single, it is a sweet song which sees a breathy vocal performance to further enrich the piece. We also adored the guitar parts to the song, they are strummed well with an interesting and ear-catching rhythm.

For us, the only complaint we have is the length of the single. At 4:45, it is perfect for an album but a single should be around 3 minutes for a radio edit. A few tweaks with the arrangement of the song would make it more fitting for a single release.

In conclusion, Cathyy is a very promising talent. We were left wondering what will come next from such a raw talent. In a world where single releases are the current format for producing new music, we would love to hear an entire album from this superb writer. An album enables a body of work to be appreciated as a whole entity. We believe, Cathyy has the talent and ability to achieve this should she wish to.

So do not delay and check out the future of music today, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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