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Chris McConville - Jeremy Evans
Chris McConville – Jeremy Evans

Chris McConville – ‘Staring At the Sky’

You always know it will be a good day when you see that musician Chris McConville has released new music. The London-based troubadour has released the stunning single ‘Staring At the Sky’, an art-pop release with a lot of heart.

From the get-go, Chris McConville draws the listener in. As the spoken word element hits, the piece is set alight with vivid colour. We adore the textured synths, melodic bass and intriguing rhythm section.

The lyrics are heartfelt, heartbreaking in places and thoroughly compelling. The driving instrumentation has a beautiful rise and fall that keeps the track feeling constantly fresh.

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In addition, the mix, master and production of ‘Staring At the Sky’ have been executed superbly. Each part of the layered instrumentation shines brightly in the mix, and a warm, inviting vibe has been achieved. In our humble opinion, ‘Staring At the Sky’ is Chris McConville’s finest work to date.

Noelle Adames

McConville wrote ‘Staring At the Sky’ after sadly losing his Dad to MND in 2021. He has collaborated with the talented artist Noelle Adames on the track, and together, the duo have created a beautiful piece of art.


McConville says about the release, “I had been wanting to do another track featuring Noelle Adames to follow up on our ‘lockdown’ song – ‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 3’. I felt this track would suit the spoken voice and had already been working on words that explore death and what happens to us when we die: marvelling at the mystery of the universe, looking beyond the physical plane, seeing myself on top of Tinto Hill, a popular landmark in my childhood home area of Lanarkshire, Scotland.”


Chris McConville is an artist who consistently releases thought-provoking, intelligently composed music. He is leading the electronic genre forward in 2022, and we can not wait to hear more!

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