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Chris Wirsig – ‘The Ghost Under My Bed’ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Los Angeles-based musician Chris Wirsig has released the stunning EP ‘The Ghost Under My Bed’ (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). It is a cinematic release that strikes the hearts of its listeners.

‘Leaving Boston’ opens the release with a dark and brooding vibe that instantly intrigues the audience and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come.

We adore the title track, ‘The Ghost Under My Bed’. It features a solo piano that evolves into a full orchestra, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat.

In addition, ‘Something’s Under My Bed’ has an ominous feel and a remarkable rise and fall in the instrumentation that injects luscious colour into the piece.

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Moreover, ‘More Gifts for the Ghost’ takes the release in a fresh direction with a gorgeous dancing piano, memorable melodies and an intriguing vibe. Finally, ‘Leaving for Good / And Then Your Letter’ closes the release beautifully and leaves the listener wanting more.


Chris Wirsig says about the EP, “(‘The Ghost Under My Bed’ is a) stop-motion animated story set in the South of the US, in times of slavery.” He continues, “Telling the dramatic, at times sad, but lovely story of a girl from Boston that had to relocate to a farm in the South, making friends with the ghost under her bed that turns out not a ghost at all…”

Formidable Artist

Chris Wirsig is a successful and hard-working musician with many strings to his bow. He is a Grammy Voting Member and a member of the Production Music Association and the Society Of Composers and Lyricists. In addition, he has served as LA Administrator for two years and is now a member of its Board of Directors too.

New Music

So make sure you add ‘The Ghost Under My Bed’ to your new music playlist this week. Chris Wirsig is a diverse and superb talent whose writing style draws you in and holds your attention effortlessly. We can not wait to hear more!

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