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chrissie romano band photoThe Chrissie Romano Band are set to release their latest album, ‘Photo’. Hailing from Rochester, New York, their sound is infectious and had us hooked from the opening notes.

The 9 track album is a masterclass in song composition and artistry. It is acoustic Pop/Rock in the genre and carries a message. Often the message is unity, the songs are incredibly relatable and this creates a feeling of being less alone with the listener.

Stand out tracks on the record are plentiful. We understand why ‘Photo’ is the title track. It is an emotive and sincere piece which has infectious and sing along melodies. Chrissie Romano’s vocals really shine during this song. The listener hears her heart and soul on show with openness and vulnerability. ‘Photo’ is the story of a post break up world where everyday life carries on with heartbreak always near the surface. It is an intelligent lyrical composition and this really lets the listener inside the song.

We also loved, ‘What About Her’. The acoustic guitar features heavily here and the track is again filled with heart and soul. There is a big chorus and layers of instrumentation to be enjoyed too. ‘Bittersweet and Unkind’ is a classic song. The minor chord, in the beginning, switches to major but then resolves to a minor again which sets the tone beautifully. Lyrically, the song is honest and raw in places. The tempo is slower which is a nice juxtaposition to the upbeat songs which have come before.

‘Broke mine’ speaks of love and loss to the beat of marching high hats in the instrumentals. The guitar solos on this tune are simply magical. The final song, ‘Romeo’ is a wonderful closing tune. It is fun and catchy with a special appearance from whistlers too!

Comprised of Chrissie Romano, Ken Romano and John Pasquarella, this trio are reinventing a much-loved genre and style. Upon listening to ‘Photo’ a few times, we were strongly reminded of singer-songwriters such as Lisa Loeb and Sarah McLachlan. Much loved of the time, the Chrissie Romano Band have some of their attributes mixed in with there own uniqueness and talent.

So whatever you do this weekend, make sure it includes checking out this formidable release!

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

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  1. Thank you so much for listening and reviewing! We really appreciate it! – Chrissie Romano Band

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