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homokgmhoingdmjn_phixrHailing from Collegeville, PA, Christa Deánā is a magnificent artist who released her self titled album on 7th December 2018. Christa uses her musical platform to speak about her devotion to Christianity and does so in the most beautiful way.

The album opens with the raw and honest song, ‘My Story (Introduction)’. First, we hear a solo piano opening which is proceeded by an unexpected spoken word track. Christa Deánā speaks of bringing people to Jesus and of being a disciple. We also hear the drums kick in and a rich kick drum and bass. Christa Deánā feels honest and sincere from the get-go which is what draws in and keeps the listeners’ attention. There is a message of faith and us all being on a journey which many of us can relate to.

Not all of the songs are spoken word, ‘Plenty of Confidence’ opens with a guitar and percussion. It is an upbeat song and feels empowering and positive throughout. It really is a positive track which promotes positive thinking and we were left feeling, this is music with a big message. Christa Deánā’s voice and her message are the shining stars of the piece.

We adored the song ‘If God Doesn’t Want It’ for the swirling synths at the beginning, syncopated beat and the mix of the vocals. The beautiful spoken word track comes back on the song, ‘The Breakdown (Interlude)’. It is a heartbreakingly honest, angry and emotion filled song. In it, Christa Deánā asks a lot of questions to God and finds a resolution towards the end. It has been executed well and keeps the listener gripped even when it is uncomfortable listening.

The final song ‘Shine’ left us wanting more. There is an attitude which shines through accompanied by staccato claps, a catchy chorus and it also once again, showcases Christa Deánā’s stunning vocals.

‘Christa Deánā’ is extremely aptly named. The whole feel of the album is at the essence ‘Christa Deánā’. She is using her platform to promote an extremely positive message. The album oozes love, passion and empowerment. There is a strong message of hope, love and acceptance which is what sets this album apart from the crowd. It is a thoroughly enjoyable listen and we can not recommend it enough!

Reviewed by FVReviews April 2019

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