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Christian Silvosa – ‘Blood Moon Eclipse’ EP

‘Blood Moon Eclipse’ is the first solo release by Argentinian composer Christian Silvosa. The magnificent EP transports the listener to another place in time during its four-track duration.

‘Winter Music Box’ opens the EP. Cinematic piano and smooth vocals coexist in beautiful harmony, dancing around one another. It feels like an old jazz standard, stoic and yet inviting. A gorgeous chordal progression emerges and provides a perfect foundation for the luscious vocals to shine. We loved the entry of the band, beautiful harmonies, drums, bass and an unexpected electric guitar filled with distortion seamlessly integrate themselves. Silvosa says of the song, “‘Winter Music Box’ is a ballad/jazzy song about a romantic break-up that was inspired by films like ‘Before Sunrise’, ‘Once’ and ‘Like Crazy’”.

‘Dreamland Silver Moon’ has a piano which feels like an awakening. Nature and animal sounds are subtly detectable in the background while warm, and characterful vocals appear to tell the song’s tale. ‘Lubona’ is a piano solo. There are gentle crackles in the background that enhance the texture of the song. The excellently composed and performed piano is mesmerising and holds the listener’s attention beautifully.

Finally, ‘Beatrice Lullaby’ brings the EP to a close. A full orchestral arrangement takes over. The strings and vocals dance together while wind instruments and a double bass carry the song along. Blissful.

This sensational EP has been recorded by, Federico Alzugaray / Ignacio Gulias / Christian Silvosa. It is Mixed by, Alzugaray / Francisco Rodriguez Amenabar. Finally, it has been mastered by Francisco Rodriguez Amenabar. The cover art is by Manu Pozzi and Lorenzo Güller Frers. Together they have all united and crafted a beautiful EP. Filled with stunning details and an enchanting warmth, ‘Blood Moon Eclipse’ needs to be heard to be believed.

Make sure you check out this exciting release today, it truly is mesmerising.

FVMusicBlog November 2019

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