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Christopher Ames Band – ‘Life Outside The Machine’

Hailing from Syracuse, the Christopher Ames Band has released the must-hear indie-rock album ‘Life Outside The Machine’. It is a twelve-track release that sets the Christopher Ames Band as a band on the rise in 2022.

‘Endless Loop’ opens the release to a haunting spoken-word piece which evolves into a compelling groove. We adore the cohesive nature of the band, which draws the audience in.

‘Here We Go’ is a stand out track with punchy production and addictive riffs. The vocal performance is filled with character, and it is lyrically enticing.

The title track, ‘Life Outside The Machine’ is a song that evolves before the listener with intelligently composed and arranged melodies and relatable lyrics.

In addition, ‘In the Afters’ takes the album in a fresh, gentle direction before ‘Move’ closes the release and leaves the audience reaching for the repeat button.


The group say about this latest album release, “The latest chapter in the ongoing story, ‘Life Outside the Machine’, is a record that explores, confronts, and exposes the machines we find ourselves in (and needing to escape), as well as the ghosts that both haunt and accompany us on the journey.”

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Band Members

Christopher Ames Band comprises of band members Christopher Ames – Guitar and vocals, Dan E Clausen – Drums, and Jabare Mckinstry – Bass. They are all excellent musicians in their own right, but when they come together, magic happens.


The band cite their influences as coming from artists such as The Beatles, Foo Fighters, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Life Outside The Machine’ but make no mistake; the band is making music all their own!

So make sure you add ‘Life Outside The Machine’ to your new music playlist this week. We are confident the Christopher Ames Band are destined for big things!

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